What We Do

The Osborne HSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the education and well-being of students at Osborne Elementary School of the Quaker Valley School District.  We foster relationships between the school, families, and teachers by enhancing educational facilities and providing resources and opportunities for the students. 

The HSA provides funding and support for many of the offerings that make Osborne a great place to be a student.  Here are just some of the things that the HSA helps plan and fund throughout the school year.

The Reset Room

New for the 2022-23 school year, the HSA helped fund Osborne's Reset Room.  A Reset Room is a designated safe space where kids can go to reset themselves when they start to experience any feelings they find difficult to manage that distract them from their work.  This also helps the rest of the class by removing a disruption from the classroom so the class can continue with their daily lessons.

You can learn more about the Reset Room here.

Field Trips to the Pittsburgh Zoo

After a 2-year hiatus due to COVID, the HSA is excited for the return of field trips to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.  A popular highlight for students and teachers alike, field trips to the Zoo are an exciting opportunity to see first-hand about many of the things they first learn in the classroom.

Field Day

Field Day is the end-of-the-school-year party that the students love.  Students start with tug of war between classes along with a dunk tank and then move on to snow cones, hair braids, ice cream, inflatable activities, dance parties, and so much more!

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The Buddy Bench

The new buddy bench debuted on the Osborne playground in 2022 and will serve as a tool for promoting empathy and inclusion. We're grateful to the G. Whitney Snyder Charitable Fund for the generous gift that allowed the HSA to purchase this bench.

Teacher & Staff Luncheons

The HSA hosts periodic luncheons for teachers and staff throughout the year.  Parents graciously volunteer to bring dishes, help set up, and clean up once the luncheon is over.

Classroom Gifts

Each year, every Osborne teacher receives $150 from the HSA that they can use towards anything for their classroom.  It's a little bit that goes a long way to help create an amazing experience for our Osborne students.

School Assemblies

Assemblies are a great opportunity to focus on an important topic for the Students.  In 2022, we had a great time with our "Be Alert to Bullies" assembly with Professor Steve and our Steel Drum Band Assembly before Spring Break.

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Back to School Picnic

Our yearly Back to School Picnic, held at War Memorial Park, gives parents, students, teachers, and staff the opportunity to get to know each other and the HSA in a fun environment.  Families help by contributing dishes resulting in a diverse potluck where even the pickiest eaters can find something they enjoy!

Beach Day

When the Osborne teachers wanted to host a Beach Day for the students, the HSA was able to help with some funding and lunch monitors to help make the day a huge success!

Back to School Teacher & Staff Luncheon

The HSA welcomed the teachers and staff back to school in style with a luncheon featuring lots of great food and drinks!

Race for Education

True, it is our major fundraiser, but it's also something the students look forward to each year!  Students raise money through pledges and then run around the track on race day with the proceeds benefiting the HSA and paying for all of the amazing things you see on this page.  Students and classes win prizes for participating.

Student Gifts

As a parting gift from the HSA, all students went home with an Osborne drawstring bag and a star-shaped Crazy Crayon. 

5th Grade Picnic

Together with the Edgeworth PTA, Osborne welcomed the fifth-graders from Edgeworth for a morning of team-building followed by a combined picnic lunch. After the Edgeworth crew departed, the Osborne fifth-graders enjoyed an afternoon of games, crafts, and Kona Ice! 

Teacher Appreciation Week

Our teachers do so much for the students all year long that we try to go all out for Teach Appreciation Week here at Osborne.  This usually includes gifts, drinks, special lunches, and anything else we can think of to show how much we appreciate them!

Kindness Rocks

For Kindness month, the HSA purchased rocks for students to paint "Kindness Rocks" to decorate Osborne's outdoor garden.  Students learned more about the project in art classes where the students designed their own rocks to inspire others.  The rocks are now incorporated into Osborne's garden.

Be the "I" in Kind Posters

For Kindness month, the HSA purchased "Be the "I" in Kind" posters for use during Kindness Month.  Teachers sent nominations highlighting the actions of students who put the "I" in kind.  Those students were recognized on the morning announcements each day.  The students then got their pictures taken in front of the posters.  The pictures were hung on a recognition wall in the school.

#bethekindkid T-Shirts

Another Kindness month donation was the #bethekindkid t-shirts that all children received and we will continue to wear even into this year to build community and school spirit.

Crayon Care Packages

The HSA assisted in purchasing the materials to help us create crayon care packages to share with schools in need.  Osborne students and staff created 690 packages of crayons that had positive messages that were donated to local schools in the area.

The HSA needs your help!

Each of these experiences was funded by generous donations from Osborne families, friends, and local businesses. But donations are only part of it.  Each school year, the HSA puts in countless hours to plan what events to focus on, organize volunteers to work on each event, and communicate with the community.  Last, but certainly not least, parent volunteers at each event help with setup, tear down, and ensure that it runs smoothly.  Without each of these things, none of these activities would happen.

Help us continue the tradition of making Osborne Elementary an amazing place for our students!

Help make sure the HSA can continue to provide these valuable events and experiences.

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